Sunday, November 7, 2010

Autumn Bounty

Autumn is in full swing. We've even had our first frost now.

Fall produce has been plentiful. The lettuce, turnips, kale, and swiss chard are looking particularly wonderful. We've had some lovely little fall eggplants in the last few weeks as well, and our peppers continue to yield amazing amounts. There have been a few handfuls of late tomatoes are well, but I imagine the frost last night likely finished them off.

I love the bright colored stems of chard. They fade a bit when cooked, but still make a nice splash of color in a dish.

There have been an abundance of greens on the menu lately. I'm looking forward to a winter with lots of dark green, leafy food on the table. With any luck, we will get a small hoop house set up and planted soon to give us greens through the coldest months, and maybe some early spring veggies. Until then, we have an entire field of turnips to enjoy.