Friday, October 22, 2010

Goat Tractor

I am not the biggest fan of chickens, but I've been very interested in the concept of a chicken tractor (a portable pen in which the chickens can be moved around outside to forage, enjoy grass under their feet, and fertilize the soil while also being kept out of things they don't need to be into and safe from predators). It occurred to me that goats have, in many ways, the same basics needs as chickens in so far as needing a little shelter from the elements, space to move around, fresh water, things to nibble, and safety from predators. So why not make a "goat tractor"?

The result of this idea isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing, but it is effective. The "tractor" is basically a mid-sized premade dog pen that was leftover from the puppy era of a the family pet of my childhood, but with one side enclosed to create a little shelter, a tomato cage rigged up to hold hay on the side of the pen, and a raised feed and water set up made with a dirt filled bucket and feed bowls. Let me reiterate that this is -not pretty-, but it works. I have visions of one day building something that doesn't look like it could have come straight out of a "You Might Be A Redneck If.." book, but until the more pressing building projects are completed, this gets the job done.

Our little boy and not yet producing dairy girl are truly amazing at turning this:

Into this:

Yay goats!

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