Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Downtime Is Over

The early freeze last year did in most of what I had planned to grow over the winter. I've let my blogging slip while I've been busy with other things, but that downtime is quickly coming to an end. We are moving into what should be a temporary housing set up about a quarter mile from where we have been working on the dream home(stead) plan. It needs some repairs, which has been part of the whole staying busy bit, but is also in need of a quick garden set up before it's time to plant some early spring veggies.

The first of the new variety veggies seeds arrived today. The plan is to finish making the switch to heirloom seeds this year. Last year we had a few non-saveable seed varieties in the garden and, while having them saved money initially, it has been increasingly frustrating to need to buy those seeds again year after year. I'm also adding some new varieties of radish simply because I've discovered I love them and want to have them throughout as much of the year as possible.

Also new on the list will be some edible flowers and a handful of fruit bushes. The husband, who adores blueberries, seems to be pretty excited about the possibility of adding a few varieties of blueberry to give us fresh ones all summer. Hoping for a good year!

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