Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh Yum!

Today was a bit of a crazy day, but I did get a chance to sit down and enjoy some of the gourmet marshmallows I had ordered from my friend Kathy's new Etsy shop. (This package was the cause of the hike up to our mailbox mentioned in the previous post.) Her shop is named "Oh Yum", and the name fits!

I had plans for smores and hot chocolate, but they didn't last long enough. While I can't say how they are toasted, I think the fact that every marshmallow has been consumed in the span of two days, in a household that eats few sweets at that, speaks volumes. The coconut went first, followed shortly by the almond. The fruit flavors I was a bit more hesitant about, but after trying them I'm in love. While the almond is still my favorite, lemon flavored marshmallow goes amazingly well with a glass of iced tea after garden work on a hot day!

If you have a sweet craving that needs sating, need a very tasty party or wedding favor, or just want to help support a very awesome work at home mom, check these out!

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